Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nutro Cat Food contains TOXIC amounts of Vitamin D

May 4, 2010: RED ALERT!!! Test results are back on a sample of what is believed to be Nutro Chicken Meal and Rice cat food Lot # 09 01 10 11:03. This is from the same batch of food we tested below on the March 22, 2010 results. The pet owner's cat nearly died after eating the food for 5 days and the symptoms appeared to be consistent with toxic levels of Vitamin more

If you remember correctly, Nutro recalled cat food back in of 2009 because of mineral amounts being wrong.  and are reported to be under the eye of the FDA since last year. .  The questions in my mind is why are they still allowed to supply food for our pets?  Why haven't they been closed down until a thorough investigation can be completed?  Why are the powers that be standing by and letting our pets get poisoned?

Here is a link to what some pet owners are finding.   Pets are getting sick and dying and Nutro has not yet admitted to there being a problem.  This is not right.  How many or our pets have to die before we ban together and let these companies know we will not put up with this any longer.   Get mad and stand up for your pets that rely on you for their well being.

This is only regarding cat food.  Nutro has also had recalls involving dog food.  Stop feeding your pets any products from Nutro.  Save the bag, save what ever food you have left (in the event it needs to be tested), contact the FDA, and file a report, and get to your vet.  Notify them what food you are feeding and have them contact the authorities also.  Don't stand by. Take control now.