Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crate Training Follow Up

Once again it has been months since my last post. Wish I could say it's because we were busy crate training and time just got away from me, but that would be a lie. At least part of it would be. Time did get away from me.

So the crate training; Casey has no problem going into the crate. She is not afraid of it, but will not go in and stay there on her own. Is that her fault? Nope. I take complete blame. I didn't keep up with it. She associates it with treats or meals, but is also smart enough to know that if mumma didn't put it in there then it isn't in there.

I have not given up on getting her used to being in a crate if we take her places. I would rather have her secure inside, happily gnawing on her Kong, when we go on the highway. Too many crazy drivers out there.

So for now it sits here. The door is open if I am here but closed when not. Moose, the cat, loves to go in and snooze. Not good if Casey sees him as a squatter on her territory and corners him inside. That could mean BIG vet bills for both.

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