Friday, March 5, 2010

Ashes Update

This is how it started.

The mystery of what was causing Ashes to lose her fur has not been solved. Last week it looked like the reverse mohawk was regrowing. I was thrilled that the mystery had been solved and she was going to be back to her furry self. Unfortunetly I was too quick to jump to an easy solution.

On Friday of last week I was checking Ashes over and found both her sides covered with little bumps. Almost like she had been bitten all over by something. I checked carefully for any sign of fleas but could not find any evidence of infestation. I decided it was time to call in the pros.

The vet came this Wednesday morning. By that time Ashes skin was now covered in crusty like scabs. She still had an appetite and was not acting ill, but something was not right. After an exam, a fur sample, and a skin scraping we sit and wait for the results or a ringworm test.

She has to put up with me toweling her every night and forcing a liquid antibiotic down her throat. Not something either one of us enjoys, but if it will keep her from getting a skin infection it must be done.

As of this morning her skin is not quite as pink and she shows no signs of getting worse. That is a good thing. If the ringworm test comes back negative and she does not show improvement we keep looking. I decided until we know more I will not put her back on Skin and Coat, the least amount of change right now is better.

So as of today the mystery that was solved is now back to an open case.

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