Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pets Gone Bad

Does it feel like only your pet misbehaves? That pet professionals must have the most well behaved dogs and cats. Pet sitters and dog walkers never have over weight pets, groomers dogs never get dirty matted fur, and veterinarian's pets surely never do anything wrong because their parents know all things pet. Guess again.

My kitchen is missing a big piece of wallpaper and the woodwork is well, clawed to shreds. Keeping a tablecloth on the dining room table is impossible as nightfall means race time for the felines. They tear through the dining room, up the hall, back down the hall, then up and over the table making sure to pull the table cloth and usually everything on it with them. With morning light I just shake my head and clean up as they look on.

On Monday I went to my vet's house to walk her dog. The sweetest, goofiest, Akita around. She is such a laid back couch potato that some days getting her to go out is a task in itself. Monday was not so different from other days until we got back to the house. She grabbed her bone and laid down on her doggy bed. She only does that when she does not feel well. As I went to give her fresh water I realized a pillow had been thrown off the couch and blankets had been moved aside. Reaching to fix everything I saw it. She had chewed a hole in the couch and pulled some of the stuffing out. YIKES! I gave her a questioning look to which I received a " I don't see anything, it wasn't me" look in return. I covered the hole and replaced the pillow hoping if she couldn't see it she wouldn't do any more damage. I left a note for mom and dad.

When I made my visit today there was a note from "mom" They have adopted another rescue kitty and she is being acclimated in the Akita's room. To show her parents exactly how she felt about that she chewed a hole in their couch. Payback for giving her room to a cat.

So next time the dog decides your designer shoes are tasty or the cat sees the woodwork as an inside tree, remember even the professionals pets go down the wrong path every now and then.

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